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How can we help you? In every way imaginable! Because we have both qualified education agents and registered migration agents, we can help you with enrolment and your visa application too. And that’s not all – we can help you sort out your complusory health cover, travel arrangements, Australian bank account, tax file number and even your resume and cover letter. The list really is endless! All you need to do is say “let’s go” and we’ll get the wheels in motion.

Course Counselling and EnrolmentCourse Counselling and Enrolment

Not sure where to start?  Finding the right course for your chosen career path can be a bit daunting.  That’s why we are here to help you make this important decision.  Our Qualified Education Agent Counsellors can work with you to choose the right course, that fits your needs and your career goals.  We will then get the ball rolling on your enrolment and make things happen! Read more about Course Enrolment here.



Visa PreparationVisa Preparation

Our Registered Migration Agent will take care of your visa processing – so you don’t have to worry about it.  There’s too many other exciting things you need to be thinking about! Australian Immigration law is complex and constantly changing.  Having a professionally prepared submission is the best way to ensure you have the very best possible chance of getting to Australia, without the stress.  Whilst we are working hard on your visa, you can be planning your adventures! Read more about Visa Preparation here.


Overseas Student Health Cover

Overseas Student Health Cover

Whilst you are in Australia, the last thing you want to worry about is medical expenses if you get sick or have an accident. The healthcare system in Australia is one of the best, but the cost of treatment can be very expensive. Overseas Student Health cover is mandatory for all student visas. We will organise your Overseas Student Health Cover to ensure it covers the correct period of time, and meets visa requirements. Too easy. Read more about OSHC here.

IELTS PreparationEnglish Language Tuition

Not sure if you will meet the entry requirements for your course? We can organise English tuition prior to the commencement of your course. This way, you can ensure your English is at the required level prior to starting your main studies. It’s very common, and students regularly bundle English tuition into their study packages. We will chat to you about your current English proficiency, and help you package an appropriate course if required. Read more about English Language Tuition here.


Pre- Arrival ServicesPre- Arrival Services

Don’t stress, you won’t arrive in Australia without knowing what to do. We will give you all the info you need for when you land in Australia. There’s a bunch of things we can help you with prior to arriving, including getting your CV ready so that you can find a part time job as quickly as possible once you get here. Being organised is the key. We can make things much easier than trying to work it all out yourself. Read more about our Pre-Arrival Services here.



Post Arrival ServicesPost Arrival Services

We will have you covered from the moment you arrive in Australia! We will help you get organised, so that when you land in Australia you will know exactly what to do. To give you total peace of mind, you will have access to your own Education Agent via mobile phone just in case you need information when you arrive. It’s comforting to know you have help available if you need it. Mum and Dad will love knowing this as well, so be sure to give them the phone number too! Read more about our Post-Arrival Services here.



CV and Cover Letter PreparationCV and Cover Letter Preparation

You are going to need some extra cash for all the fun things you will want to do in Australia. Finding a part time job can make a huge difference to your lifestyle. Unfortunately, we see a lot of terrible CV’s and Covering letters. We know how important these documents are to Aussie employers, so we can help you with this to ensure they are presented professionally, and formatted to Australian employer expectations. Your CV is your best tool when looking for a job. Make it count.Read more about our CV and Cover Letter Preparation service here.


Post Study AdvicePost Study Advice

When you finish your studies you will have a number of options to consider. Things can change over the duration of your course, and you may subsequently want to look at extending your time here. This may include a holiday to celebrate your success, or to gain some valuable work experience in Australia. Whatever your situation, it’s great to know you can access professional migration advice. We are here to guide you through your options, and can certainly help you further after you have finished your studies in Australia. Read more about our Migration Advice Service here.