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Visa Preparation

After choosing your course, attention needs to turn to your visa preparation.  Getting this done professionally is critical.  Without your visa, you aren’t coming to Australia!  Unfortunately, the sad reality is that MANY international students get caught out at this step.   Immigration laws are complex and constantly changing, which can make it hard for students to successfully process their applications themselves (many think they have it under control, until they receive a refusal notice).  Worse still, there is no shortage of unregistered agents out there who will happily take your money, but not successfully manage the visa application for you.  Avoid unregistered migration agents at all costs!  Check out our blog for valuable information on why it is essential to use a registered migration agent for all visa applications.

This stage of your study plans is critical, so it’s not worth taking any unnecessary risks!  We provide  professional visa processing as part of your overall package.  So you will have peace of mind that your application is in the best possible hands at all times.

During your consultation we will chat to you about things like your student visa assessment level, the documents that you will be required to submit with your visa application, as full details on the enrolment and visa process.  You will be provided with written advice on your student visa application through our Registered Migration Agent.  You will receive all correspondence from the Department of Immigration & Border Protection, and be kept updated on your application.

You have so much other exciting stuff to start planning!  Leave your visa to us, and enjoy the coming weeks of getting ready for your life as a student in Australia!